DAY 1 – 8 March 2017

Theme of the day: Priciples and practices for modern farming and the SA industry. | Dr AA Ernst – Allesbeste

Irrigation for the mordern avocado farmer. | M Esmeraldo – Netafim

Automation and soluble fertiliser for the modern farmer. | H van Graan – Netafim

Peruvian industry within the world context with special reference to Maluma | O Duarte – Maluma Peru

Maluma globally and the strategy: Setting the pace for upcoming cultivars | Dr AA Ernst – Allesbeste

Avos SA | R Meintjies – RSA

Establishing new cultivars and the value of the Maluma brand | ZR Ernst – Allesbeste

Commercially valuable yield: A new measure of production | ED Ernst – Allesbeste

Ultra-high density production and the value of trellising | ZR Ernst – Allesbeste

DAY 2 – 9 March 2017

Decision farming | E de Vries – Agri Technovation

Nulandis Precision farming | D van Zyll – Nulandis

Precision farming: The Allesbeste perspective | P Jansen – Allesbeste

The MRL conundrum in treating Phytophthora | K Coetzee

Maluma fertiliser norms and practices | Dr AA Ernst – Allesbeste

Cultivars for the future and the available genepool for the avocado industry | Dr AA Ernst – Allesbeste