Race Guatemalan with some Mexican gene
Canopy shape Upright Triangular
Canopy structure Central leader with lateral branching
Canopy density Good light penetration
Growth vigour Thrifty
Growth manipulation Yes, Pruning without growth retardant
Plant density (manipulated) 400 – 800 / Ha
Precocity High
Bearing pattern and productivity Fairly constant and high
Harvest period (for export, RSA) Week 12 - 24
Flower group A
Fruit internal frost damage (orchard) Moderate to none
Fruit size 150 – 400g
Fruit shape Pyriform
Fruit colour (ripe) Purple-black
Fruit appearance Shiny
Seed shape Obovate with flat base
Seed as % of total fruit volume 10 – 15%
Skin thickness 1–2 mm
Skin tecture Semi-rough, pebbly and leathery
Lenticel damage Tolerant
Maturity ≤ 78%
Taste & flavour Excellent, rich and  tasty
Flesh colour Creamy-yellow with light green rind
Flesh texture Smooth and Slight Fibre
Shipping and storage ability Excellent and acceptable
Cercospera Resistant
Anthracnose Tolerant
Ring neck Less significant
Physiological disorders Negligable if managed
Insect Tolerance Fairly Tolerant
Orchard Cold Tolerance Very Tolerant (no fruit damage @ -4°C)